Christian Raetzke is a lawyer specialised in nuclear law and based in Leipzig, Germany. Having worked for a nuclear utility for many years, he has accumulated hands-on experience in various nuclear facilities and activities. Active both nationally and internationally, he is acknowledged as a leading nuclear law expert in Germany and abroad.



Christian advises German and non-German clients on all relevant issues of German nuclear law. Based on his excellent command of the English language and on his international experience, he has a particular track record of advising foreign companies and institutions, tailoring his advice to the specific needs and the legal background of his clients.



Under the brand name of CONLAR, Christian advises institutions, industry companies, insurers and regulators worldwide on all aspects of nuclear law and regulation.

Christian Raetzke is Chairman of the German branch of the International Nuclear Law Association (INLA). He is employed as expert by the IAEA in Vienna and he is lecturer, as well as member of the Supervisory Board, of the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency's International School of Nuclear Law in Montpellier. He has for a long time been involved with the work of the World Nuclear Association (WNA).


Christian has been active in nuclear projects in a number of countries such as UK, Finland or the UAE. He regularly conducts scholarly research into national nuclear legislations, resulting in publication of books or reports (see list of publications).

Based on his network encompassing legal and technical colleagues worldwide, Christian is able to call into action a task force of experts for any given assignment.

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Tel. 0341 / 9999 1444 

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